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3 Best Way How to Program the GE Universal Remote

GE Universal remote is the controller through which you can easily program your home devices like TV, DVD players, stereo systems and televisions, etc., by using the GE Universal programming codes. You can efficiently operate different devices- audio and video- with one GE Universal remote. Before operating, you will need to learn its operation. See How to program the GE Universal Remote- Complete Guide.

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The GE Universal Remote- Introduction

It is effortless and straightforward to use. It is used to program the codes of GE Universal remote manually or scanning all the codes automatically. You must know the code into the remote of that device you are using and program it.

It is time taking to program the codes of GE Universal remote; the best way is that you must have to set the timer before you begin.

There are three code list versions of GE Universal remotes are as follows:

  • CL3
  • CL4
  • CL5

To find the codes of your device, flip your device, turn off and open your battery cover, take it out your battery, and then you will see a sticker on which your GE Universal code will be written.


The following steps are given below to program the GE Universal remote codes for the device searching anywhere.


You will have to press the setup button, which is shown on the remote. Press it until you see the red light on that remote, and when the red light gets on, release the button.

Red light may be on the right top corner of the remote or in the power on\off button.


Press and release the device button of any device which you want to control by yourself. After this, the red light will blink one time, and then it will remain. If there is no device button on the remote, press any of them on the remotes.


It will show you the device’s first code. You will have to enter the code by using the number buttons on the remote. The red light will automatically turn off after the fourth digit of that code.

  1. Test your programming

Take the remote near to the device, point it at the device. Test the buttons on the remote to check all the functions. If there will be any difficulty or the controls, don’t operate the machine, again start the process with step 1. And try another code for this.

You can operate all the devices by these simple and easy steps. I am going to show you some codes for some brands.

  • AIKO 0058
  • AMTRON 0053
  • BELCOR 0004
  • CELERA 0214
  • CLAIRTONE 0014 etc.

There are so many codes of different devices. Here, some GE Universal remote supports Auto-Code searched method to program the codes. These are the quick and straightforward steps that are as follows:

  • Turn on that device that you want to program.
  • Press and hold the SETUP until it indicates by light.
  • The indicator will blink for the first time, and then it will remain.
  • It will take 2 minutes after pressing the POWER. Press and release the POWER until your device will turn off.
  • The indicator will be off of your device.
  • Press the ENTER\SAVE button when your device turns off. It will turn off your device in a minute.

You can either program your universal remote manually or by adding the codes. If you want to know about the GE Universal Remote coding you can write to us in the comment section. We will try to cover this section for you as soon as possible. Till then stay tuned with us.

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